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Where are you now?

After our initial consultation, we will dig deep into your company culture.  Through personal conversations, interviews, and surveys- we will assess your culture in order to identify strengths and areas that may be impacting performance.   A full culture report will be created and sent to you detailing core culture markers, your ratings, and a personal plan for improvement.  We will review this plan together and discuss the Journey.

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Where are you going?

The Journey is a 12 hour staff retreat designed to build a culture that supports your company's vision and values, unify your teams, promote personal and collective growth, and develop a sense of belonging and support.  This retreat will be personalized to meet your company's needs based on the culture analysis.

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How will you get there?

This service will provide your company with up to 12 hours of one on one coaching with the intent of helping you develop a Culture Club Carryover plan to ensure and maintain transfer.  You will have access to our Culture Connection templates and resources.  We will also do a complete culture analysis at the end of your one year mark, compare it to your initial report, and celebrate your achievements.